How many Ligers live in the world?

There are conflicting reports and some of them are very wrong.

Xinhua news agency stated there are 8 to 10. A complete wrong information.

National Geographic claimed there are 30. Can be true until 2005, but the news was published in 2010 and by 2010 there are more than 30 ligers already.

Sun News Agency claimed that there are about hundred ligers in the world. This claim is very much near to the actual population of the ligers. surveyed and they found that the total population of the ligers are around 80 to 90 maximum. In fact 80 is a right word. has studied almost every liger in the world and it is only then the total population came out to be 80 by October 2010.

USA has the highest population of the ligers. There are 30 ligers alone in USA.

China has 20 ligers. The second country with maximum population of the ligers.

In both the countries breeding ligers is legal.

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